Isolate Access to Privileged Corporate Systems and Data



Access privileged web apps from everyday corporate devices as well as 3rd party/unmanaged devices.




A seamless user experience as users are working in their native Chrome or Edge browser which is now secured.


Complete browser security without slowing down the user – no added latency



Restrict transfer of files or other clipboard data from the isolated browser.


Prevent screen and keyboard capturing from the corporate OS.


Cost effective – the isolated browser runs on the user’s device and not as a dedicated workload in the cloud.

Takeaways from the CircleCI Incident

Continuous integration and delivery platform CircleCI confirmed that a security incident occurred on January 04, 2023 and was caused by an infostealer being deployed on an employee’s laptop. Because the targeted employee had privileges to generate production access tokens, the attacker was able to potentially access and steal data from a subset of databases and stores.

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