Whether it’s through email, cloud storage, CRM, or messaging applications, collaboration is key to any company’s success. In the digital age, there has been a shift in the way enterprises conduct business, relying on various channels and applications for content sharing.

Unfortunately, this shift has come with a hefty price—significant exposure to cyberattacks and breaches that have a potentially devastating impact on brands, businesses, and their customers. Multiplied by the new remote-work situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and you have malicious actors waiting to find the loophole through which they can execute their attacks.

In this podcast, RANE’s Emily Donahue interviews Michael Calev, Director of Strategy and Marketing at Perception Point, where he analyzes the cybersecurity industry and market trends. They discuss how remote work creates more potential for content-based cyberattacks, and how to prevent data breaches rather than wait for detection.

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