Attack Trends.

Stay ahead of the “attack waves” with in-depth analysis of key incidents and understand what’s trending among today’s malicious actors.

  • Attack Trends

    Stay ahead of the "attack waves" with in-depth analysis of key incidents and understand what's trending among today's malicious actors.

  • Industry Insights

    Keep up with top trends in cyber security and what today’s malicious actors are doing.

  • Research

    Educate yourself on unique attacks, advanced exploitation techniques, and new methods to infiltrate the modern enterprise.

guy with mask attack vectors

Incident Report: A Combined Attack

Learn how we intercepted an email thread that combined popular attack vectors: impersonation, encrypted archive, and a malicious macro.

Statement of Account Email Attack

Learn about the widespread attack in which users first receive an email from an external source requesting an updated Statement of Account.
old phones phishing site

Campaign Alert: Call Me ASAP

Learn how attackers take an email address and insert it into the account name so users believes the site is legitimate in a recent campaign.
walking people malicious activity

Incident Report: CV or Cyber Vector?

In this post we discuss how a cyber attack involving malicious macro code was disguised as a CV delivered via email.
paper stack phishing mail

Incident Report: Fax Attack

Learn how a fax attack tricks employees into click on a phishing link by leveraging known cybersecurity service, EFax.
beach phishing technique

Incident Report: Trick or Treat

In this post we discuss a phishing technique that tricks users into thinking an image of the attached file can be opened in snapshot mode.

Incident Report: Hijacked Email Account

In this post we discuss how the main aspect of hijacking is using a legitimate user’s email account in order to deliver malware.

Incident Report: Excel Macro Puzzle Attack

We discuss how attackers use a legitimate user’s email account and macro code to deliver malware as the response to an existing email thread.

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