Perception Point launches advanced browser security to eliminate web browser threats.


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Perception Point Makes Securing Browsers Simpler

Perception Point this week launched an alternative approach to creating sandboxes on Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers that isolates browser sessions from potential web threats.

Crypto-related phishing and how to avoid it

In this video for Help Net Security, Michael Aminov, Chief Architect at Perception Point, talks about a recent Binance impersonation attack and, more broadly, the ongoing threat landscape impacting the cryptocurrency industry.

Utilizing biological algorithms to detect cyber attacks

Phishing, a longstanding cyberattack technique through which attackers impersonate others to gain access to confidential information, has become immensely popular as of late, hitting an all-time high in December 2021, with attacks tripling since the previous year.

Perception Point Acquires Hysolate

Perception Point announced that it has acquired Hysolate, a next-gen web isolation platform operating at the endpoint level, to deliver unprecedented protection against all content-based attacks by leveraging three necessary layers of cybersecurity technology: isolation, detection, and remediation.

Perception Point Acquires Web Security Startup Hysolate

‘Once we were introduced to the opportunity, we had no hesitation because of the quality of the technology, the experience of the team, and the product that they built,’ says Perception Point CEO Yoram Salinger.

The pandemic made way for innovation but also a larger attack surface

Cybernews interview with Karen Krivaa, CMO at Perception Point: While hackers have always been lurking around in one way or another, the ongoing pandemic and adaptation to remote roles paved the way for cyber felons to further increase attacks on enterprises.

Successor to ‘Shrootless’ Bug Attacks Mac SIP Feature

Researchers at Perception Point write about CVE-2022-22583, a successor to Shrootless that could let attackers bypass Mac System Integrity Protection (SIP). It was patched yesterday in macOS Monterey 12.2, macOS Big Sur 11.6.3 and Security Update 2022-001 Catalina. Apple shared the credit for this CVE between three researchers: Mickey Jin, Ron Hass of Perception Point and an anonymous researcher.

‘Tis the Season…for Cyberattacks!

Unlike the rest of us, cyber attackers don’t take vacations. The holiday season is upon us, and many are preparing to celebrate with family and friends both near and far. For attackers, the holiday season is a perfect time to launch attacks, when businesses are closed or are operating with a skeletal crew.

Cyberattacks Are Becoming More Sophisticated

According to Perception Point CEO, Yoram Salinger, we will see cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated than they already are in the upcoming year. In this article we review why most enterprises are still susceptible to cyberattacks and what CISOs should take into consideration in 2022.

Techniques Used by Hackers to Bypass Email Security Solutions

There are many email security solutions available in the market today, yet organizations still see phishing and malware reach users. Here is a list of the most-used techniques that hackers choose to bypass traditional email security solutions.

Phony Job Ads and How to Spot Them

Job ad scams are on the rise. According to the FBI, more than 16,000 Americans reported employment scams in 2020. Some are easy to spot. Others are quite sophisticated.

Salesforce Email Service Used for Phishing Campaign

Cybercriminals are using Salesforce’s mass email service to dupe people into handing over credit card numbers, credentials and other personal information in a novel phishing campaign that highlights the threats to corporate networks that can come from whitelisted email addresses.

AWS S3 can be a security risk for your business

Along with the shift to the cloud and emergence of modern digital services and applications, new security concerns have emerged for organizations. This article discusses how new use cases are creating security risks for AWS S3 users, and best practices for organizations on how to protect their organizations with advanced threat protection services.
Dana Roth

Phisher Errors Lower Entry Barriers for Wanna-be Phishers

Each year, it becomes easier for wanna-be phishers to create successful campaigns. This is well-known. But now, it’s at its easiest. Anyone can successfully set up and employ a phishing scheme – without knowing any programming, going to the darknet or paying a thing.


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