Attack Vectors

Spear-phishing and Whaling

With 91% of all cybercrimes and cyber-attacks starting with a phishing email, a phishing attack is not a question of if – but when. Learn how Perception Point prevents phishing, spear-phishing, whaling, and any other impersonation attacks from getting to your employees’ mailboxes.

The Phishing Attack Challenge

Phishing is one of the oldest tricks in the attacker’s playbook: an attack that leverages social engineering to obtain sensitive information. Phishing attacks leverage URLs, files, and text-based techniques to deceive their target and gain access.


Many phishing attacks are getting through existing security measures as new variations are being created minute-by-minute, their resemblance to the “real-thing” is becoming more and more accurate, and modern employees simply don’t have the time to analyze every individual email they receive.

The Phishing Cyber Kill Chain

Step 1

Target Acquisition

The attacker gathers intelligence on the target, including personnel and technology data.

Step 2


The attacker chooses the best way to get in the organization, such as favorite payload or most exposed channel.

Step 3

Grooming &

The attacker creates the “story” of the attack – for example, designing the message, writing a cover text, setting up the link, and more.

Step 4

Information Capture

The attacker logs the information gathered from the attack and validates the information by trying to log in using the target’s information.

Step 5


The attacker leverages the log-in details to steal money, steal information or even sell the log-in credentials themselves to other parties.

Our Anti-phishing Technology

Perception Point has combined multiple layers of anti-phishing prevention, including propriety engines developed specifically to outsmart any advanced phishing attempts, and keep pace with the latest techniques:

Recursive Unpacker

Unpacks the most deeply embedded phishing attacks, even if highly concealed by the attacker.

Image-recognition engine

Proprietary engine uses several advanced image recognition algorithms to validate if any URL is a legitimate site.

URL Reputation

Incorporates data from the four top URL reputation engines monitoring global traffic for phishing attempts.

Threat Intelligence

Combines six different market-leading sources that leverage intelligence from external security vendors and the cyber community.

Our Advantages

#1 in Detection​

Next-gen capabilities provide the best coverage against any type of phishing attack. We actively scan all URLs received to ensure they are safe.

Anti-evasion capabilities

We uncover each and every file, URL, or hidden code, even if highly concealed or stored on a cloud storage platform, rendering advanced evasion techniques useless.

Holistic Coverage (Across Channels)

The anti-phishing engines are deployed across all channels we cover, providing equal protection against phishing – whether you are on email, in a messaging app, or cloud storage platforms.


All our solutions are deployed in a few clicks, creating zero fuss to you and your IT team.

Not Detection

Unfortunately, most employees still cannot differ between a phishing attempt and legitimate content – Perception Point’s platform ensures the phishing attack is stopped well before it gets to the end user.

In-depth Insights

Our Incident Response team checks and monitors every incident to ensure the most accurate detection rates, and to reduce strain on your SOC team.


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