Best Ways For Your Company to Prevent Ransomware

When ransomware infiltrates your computer, it encrypts data or “locks down” your operating system. When ransomware seizes a “digital hostage,” such as a file, it demands a ransom for its release. No business in this world would want to get held up by ransomware. That’s why it is essential to anticipate it before it can happen.

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In this article, we will share some tips on how to prevent ransomware from taking your data hostage.

How Vulnerable Are You? 

Before you jump into company-wide anti-ransomware preparations, you need to assess how vulnerable you are to this threat. There are several factors to consider, including: 

  • Outdated devices
  • Outdated software 
  • Insufficient backup plan in place
  • Weak cybersecurity measures

If one or more of these points applies to you or your organization, you may be vulnerable to a ransomware attack and it may be time to reassess your cybersecurity efforts . In the next section, we will walk you through some tips to prevent ransomware.

Ways to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Although there’s no guarantee that you are 100% protected from ransomware attacks, setting up a defense plan can help mitigate its effects if/when an attack happens. Below are some tips that can help fortify your organization from ransomware infiltrations. 

Spam messages often have links that contain ransomware. An automatic download may begin if you click on malicious links, potentially triggering a ransomware attack. 

Backup Your Data

According to the MS-ISAC, backing up necessary data is the single most effective way of recovering from a ransomware infection. Using cloud services may help you avoid a ransomware infection because many keep previous versions of files, allowing you to restore an unencrypted version. Make it a habit to test backups for efficacy regularly. 

Set Plans and Policies

Make an incident response plan so that your IT security team knows what to do if a ransomware attack occurs. It should specify the roles and communications used during an attack. Simply forwarding the email to a prepared IT security team may be enough to subdue a ransomware attempt.

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Update Your Systems

Ensure that your organization’s operating systems, applications, and software are up to date. Having the most recent updates will assist in closing security gaps that attackers look to exploit. Turn on auto-updates whenever possible to always have the most recent security patches.

Train the Team

Here at Perception Point, we always emphasize getting everyone on board. Facilitating training on security awareness is critical to preventing ransomware. When employees can recognize and avoid malicious emails, everyone contributes to the organization’s security. 

Get Expert Help

Team members can benefit from security awareness courses by learning what to look for in an email before clicking a link. But if no one in the company can provide that training, it’s best to look for expert cyber security services who can do it instead. 

You can also learn about ransomware from Perception Point’s resources page. Here, you’ll gain some insights into the latest in cyber security and how you can stay one step ahead.

Learn more on how to prevent ransomware and get expert help before it’s too late.

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