Advanced Threat Protection & Intelligence for
AWS S3 Bucket

Perception Point delivers the ONLY cloud storage security with the same robust threat detection typically available solely for email to ensure that no entry point is left exposed to content-borne attacks, covering both Microsoft and macOS.

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S3 Bucket:
An emerging attack vector

The need to communicate and collaborate on a global level has created a proliferation of cloud-based tools for businesses, with S3 bucket being a key service used by enterprises. But with new channels come new security blind spots that hackers are just waiting to exploit. In addition, enterprises can’t afford to be held back by slow, complex, and outdated security solutions. In a world where business is moving fast, and cyberattacks are evolving even faster, it’s time for next-gen security that can keep up with the speed and scale of your business. It’s time for real prevention security. 

of security leaders believe cloud storage apps are vulnerable to attack

Introducing the Solution

Perception Point’s next-gen cloud solution stops malicious content (files and URLs) from infiltrating your S3 bucket. Unique CPU-level visibility combined with rapid deep scanning capabilities detect advanced attacks and evasion techniques that easily bypass legacy security technologies. 

Proven Best Detection & Lowest False Positives

7 detection layers with dozens of engines identify and stop any content-borne cyber-attack leveraging patented dynamic and static technologies


Cloud-native technology, based solely on AWS, scans 100% of traffic, regardless to scale or volume

Unprecedented Speed

Dynamic and static scanning provide a single verdict within seconds for best user experience and business processes

Incident Response

A combination of automated algorithms and human-driven analysis provides continuous, rapid insights and added value to the ongoing protection of the organization

Reliability & Availability

AWS provides maximal uptime to any service, ensuring collaboration content flows without interference. Multi-Zone Availability and auto-scale features are supported

Seamless Integration

Perception Point’s SaaS solution is deployed easily and quickly, and can augment existing security solutions

Perception Point’s service, available on AWS Marketplace, is fully hosted on AWS. With one-click deployment, virtually zero scanning delay, and limitless scale – you can ensure that your S3 buckets are not compromised. Combining industry-recognized security technology and best cloud infrastructure results in an enterprise grade cybersecurity solution that you can rely on.

How It Works

When a file is uploaded to AWS S3,  AWS Lambda triggers Perception Point to begin rapid static and dynamic inspection. The 7-layer platform ensures complete coverage, scanning 100% of your files in real-time, against all types of content-borne threats, including malware, ransomware, APTs, embedded malicious links, evasion attempts, and more.

In just seconds a final verdict is given and the S3 files are tagged. The verdict is sent to the SOC teams via Perception Point’s dashboard (the X-Ray), or via communication channels such as email / Slack, or simply to the existing SIEM. The incident is contained and can be deleted or quarantined, depending on the organization’s preferences. The enterprise is secured. As simple as that.



Proven Results

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