Detect, Contain and Remediate Attacks Across Endpoints, Cloud Collaboration Apps, and Email

Effortlessly Strengthen Your Security Posture with Consolidated Threat Prevention and Incident Response Across Key Threat Vectors.

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PP and cynet

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Beyond Endpoint Security: Extending Threat Prevention & Response to Your Business Communication Channels

Overwhelmed SOC teams? A multitude of point solutions to be operated manually? Consolidate Advanced Threat Prevention Today with Perception Point and Cynet’s Joint Solution for Enhanced Detection, Visibility, and Response.

Perception Point’s cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly with Cynet’s endpoint security, providing a consolidated solution to identify and remediate infiltrated attacks across your enterprise email, cloud storage and collaboration channels. Powered by the integrated Incident Response team, any instance of malicious content found on the endpoint by Cynet gets instantly remediated from  protected channels across the organization.

Simplify your threat prevention and response efforts today!

Cynet & Perception Point Provide

security posture

Fortified Security Posture

Improving threat intelligence and attack catch rate


100% Visibility


Infiltrated attack visibility across different channels

Threat Remediation in Seconds

Rapid quarantine of the malicious content

boosted triage

IR-Powered Triage


Powered by a managed, free-of-charge, Incident Response service

workload reduction

SOC Efficiency Boost

Save SOC resources by up to 75%

How It Works

cynet diagram
  1. Cynet’s platform autonomously detects a malicious file on the endpoint and sends its hash to Perception Point’s X-Ray console.
  2. Perception Point’s X-Ray automatically look for the file hash in all of the protected content-exchange channels, including email, cloud storage and other cloud collaboration apps.
  3. Perception Point’s Incident Response team quarantines the file from additional channels where it was found.
  4. Each action taken by Perception Point is annotated in the Cynet platform.
  5. Within minutes, the customer’s SOC team receives a full channel audit.

By partnering with Perception Point, Cynet is demonstrating its commitment to continually improving its customers’ ability to protect users from the most advanced attacks.


Streamline threat prevention with Cynet & Perception Point

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