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44MM daily active users of Microsoft Teams, including 12MM new users in March 2020 alone.


Perception Point prevails Proofpoint

After being tested time and time again, it is now clear that Perception Point prevails Proofpoint’s email and collaboration security offering. Unlike legacy solutions, we invented a whole new approach that combines the best detection engines with the agility of the cloud to provide the perfect solution for the digital-first enterprise.

Perception Point recognized by Gartner as a leading supplement to Office 365

See why we’re the next generation line of defense in email security.

The Best Alternative to Proofpoint

#1 in Detection Testing

In independent trials, Perception Point ranked #1 in both detection and false positive rate, outperforming “state-of-the-art” solutions like Proofpoint

Unlimited Scale

We scan 100% of content. Freed from the chains of sandbox-based solutions like Proofpoint, we meet any scale and any need. No more relying on unproven statistics and legacy rules.

Light Speed Prevention

Next gen static and dynamic engines work in-line to provide a clear verdict with close-to-zero delay, delivering top-notch user experience.

Evasion Proof

Our proprietary anti-evasion engines outmatch any threat, in ways Proofpoint simply can’t do. We uncover even the most concealed threats, making our solution highly robust.

Zero Fuss

Unlike Proofpoint, we don’t require any MX Record. This has 2 folds: firstly – you get to keep your current Office 365 or G Suite inherent protection; secondly – we’re deployed in 10 minutes with no fuss to your IT team.

24/7 Incident 
Response Service

Threat intelligence team, comprised of IDF-veterans, acts as an extension of your SOC – continuously analyzing incidents, releasing false positives and optimizing the system.

“With Perception Point we can scan 100% of our traffic with no delays or out of service issues. We’ve also deployed the solution across other content-exchange channels like Google Drive and internal messaging apps.”

CISO, Tech Company

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Features Comparison

Proofpoint, like many other email security vendors, is based on outdated technologies, such as Sandboxing. See below how our unique technology and built-in agility enable us to outmatch Proofpoint in all aspects.


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