Perception Point vs. Avanan

After being tested time and time again in enterprise customer POCs, it is now clear that the Perception Point solution is superior to Avanan's email and collaboration security offering (“Harmony/HEC”) in detection, speed, scale and overall ROI.

We invented a whole new approach that combines the best detection engines with the agility of the cloud to provide the perfect solution for the digital-first enterprise against all threats and across all channels.

Unlike other API solutions, Perception Point prevents malicious content well before it reaches the end-user and can serve as a total replacement for SEGs and other legacy tools.

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We did a very thorough evaluation of 15+ email security vendors for Office 365. Perception Point’s solution showed the best results both in prevention capabilities and in Incident Response service value. Rollout was smooth and well supported.


Features Comparison

Avanan, like many other ICES vendors, struggles when it comes down to prevention of advanced evasive threats and obfuscated attacks. 


See how our unique technology and built-in agility enable us to outmatch Avanan in both detection rates and service quality.

  • Level of analysis
  • Proven best detection in independent testing
  • Advanced anti-evasion
  • Cross-channel protection
  • Speed
  • Dynamic scanning/sandboxing
  • Account takeover protection
  • On-demand investigation
  • 24/7 Incident Response

Perception Point

  • CPU-level
  • 100%
  • Seconds
  • 100% of the content
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included


  • Threat Emulation – Application 
  • 66%
  • Seconds
  • Limited
  • Paid add-on service
  • Paid add-on service
  • Paid add-on service

The Best Alternative to Avanan

#1 in Detection Testing

Perception Point achieved the highest detection accuracy and the lowest false positive rates in independent trials, surpassing the results of Fortinet, Microsoft Defender, and other solutions.

Unlimited Scale

We scan all content — completely. Free from the constraints of conventional sandbox solutions like Avanan, we can accommodate any scale and any demand. There’s no need to depend on guesswork or outdated policy.

Light Speed Prevention

Next generation static and dynamic engines work together to provide an instant and accurate verdict, creating an optimal user experience with minimal latency.

Advanced Anti-Evasion

Perception Point’s anti-evasion engines beat any advanced threats, allowing them to detect even the most hidden threats that are embedded in files and URLs. This makes our solution highly effective against APTs (advanced persistent threats), Zero-Days, exploitation techniques, and more.

Incident Response
Managed Service

An all-included team of experts act as an extension of your organization’s SOC 24/7. They continuously handle all of your security activities for you, managing incidents, optimizing engines, reporting and investigating per users requests.


Avanan knows how valuable Incident Response is, yet they charge an additional fee for a lesser service.  Avanan is a solution, we’re a service. 


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