Perception Point vs. Mimecast

Your email is in the cloud, but SEG products like Mimecast were designed to defend it on-prem.

Perception Point outperforms Mimecast's email security offering in terms of detection, speed, scale, and ease of deployment after being put to the test repeatedly in POCs.

We created a completely new approach, unlike legacy vendors, that combines the most effective detection engines with the flexibility of the cloud to deliver the ideal solution for digital-first organizations.

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Perception Point’s solution met all required KPIs in only 1 week. They prevented almost 2 dozen of attacks in no time, saving the company severe potential damages. They also didn’t affect the user experience as promised in the first pitch.


Features Comparison

Mimecast struggles, like many other legacy systems, to stop more recent “payload-less” attacks like BEC and ATO as well as sophisticated, evasive threats.


See how we outperform Mimecast in the example below thanks to our special technology and innate agility

  • Level of analysis
  • Proven best detection in independent testing
  • Next-gen anti-evasion
  • Speed
  • Dynamic scanning/sandboxing
  • Prevention/Detection
  • Deployment
  • 24/7 Incident Response

Perception Point

  • CPU-level
  • ~10 seconds
  • 100% of the content
  • Prevention
  • Plug and play


  • Traditional sandbox 
  • Minutes
  • Limited
  • Prevention
  • Complex

The Best Alternative to Mimecast

#1 in Detection Testing

Independent tests found that Perception Point outperformed competing products like Mimecast, Fortinet, MDO, and others in terms of detection accuracy and lowest false positive rates.

Unlimited Scale

We scan 100% of content. We meet any scale and any demand since we are not constrained by the inherent limits of conventional sandbox solutions like Mimecast. Now you can stop relying on heuristics and legacy policies.

Light Speed Prevention

Next-generation static and dynamic engines work together to produce accurate results with almost zero delay and an excellent user experience.

Advanced Anti-Evasion

Patented anti-evasion engines from Perception Point can defeat any advanced threat. Our solution can find even the most concealed threats, hidden within files and URLs. This allows us to expertly prevent APTs, Zero-Days, exploitation techniques, and other security risks.

Zero Fuss

We don’t require any MX Records, unlike Mimecast. This has two benefits: first, you can preserve your current Office 365 or G Suite built-in protection; second, we can be deployed in 10 minutes, without hassling your IT team.

Incident Response
Managed Service

Mimecast is a solution, but we are a service. An all-inclusive team of cybersecurity specialists work around-the-clock as an extension of your company’s SOC team. The team manages all of your security-related tasks for you, including managing incidents, optimizing engines, reporting and investigating users requests.


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