Infosecurity Europe 2024

June 4-6 | ExCeL London

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Gartner Summit

Drop by our speaking session:

The Intersection of GenAI & Cybersecurity

Tuesday, June 4th @ 12:15 – 12:40

Tal Zamir



Dive into the future of cybersecurity at our talk on the intersection of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and digital defense. 

In this session, we will uncover real-world AI security vulnerabilities, explore emerging threats driven by AI, and learn how GenAI can fortify your organization’s defenses. In addition to that, you will gain practical strategies for secure adoption and leave equipped to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape with enhanced insights and capabilities. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in securing your company’s digital future.

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End-to-End Threat Prevention with Advanced Email Security

Take back control of your organization’s security and eliminate phishing, BEC, ATO ransomware, and malware with Perception Point’s patented dynamic engines, image recognition and AI-powered URL and behavioral analysis. A cloud-native solution that prevent, detect and remediate any incoming threat across Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, on-prem and any cloud email service.

Book a demo with us now and start preventing:

  1. Phishing and Quishing attacks  
  2. Business Email Compromise (BEC & VEC) 
  3. Impersonation and Domain Spoofing
  4. Account Takeover 
  5. Malware – known and complex
  6. Zero-Day and N-Days 
  7. Evasion and obfuscation techniques
  8. Spam

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Food & Beverage Industry
Group 10Read More
“Perception Point has made an immediate impact on our ability to prevent email-based threats. Their Incident Response team has freed up tons of time for my SOC team to focus on other priorities.”
Web Creation Platform
Group 11Read More
“We needed a solution that could scale to our speed and be easily integrated into multiple entry points of the organization—not just the email vector.”
Services Industry
Group 15Read More
"Their product works great for us, provides an extra layer of email security and blocks a ton of malicious content. Their support is also good and much easier to get in touch with than some of the much larger companies. We actually switched from one of the larger vendors that has a bigger name. We are much much more happy with the product and especially the support.”
Financial Services Industry
Group 7Read More
“I checked a lot of solutions regarding mail and cloud security in one of the most dangerous vectors. I found out that Perception Point is the best first line of defense right now and has a great user experience and fast ROI."
Alexander Getsin
Alexander Getsin
director of information security at Tipalti
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“We aim to protect our business and our customers in a fashion that does not tamper with files or hinder the customer experience. Perception Point delivers ease of integration and high detection rate at the speed and scale we need, allowing us to instantly and effectively dynamically scan our files to prevent content-based attacks.”

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