Perception Point announced that it has acquired Hysolate, a next-gen web isolation platform operating at the endpoint level, to deliver unprecedented protection against all content-based attacks by leveraging three necessary layers of cybersecurity technology: isolation, detection, and remediation.

The deal adds web security to Perception Point’s suite of advanced threat protection solutions, and is expected to increase the company’s Total Available Market (TAM) by $7Bn. The joint offering includes complete coverage of all main communication channels, including email, cloud storage platforms, cloud apps, and CRM apps, in addition to content and DLP protection in the web domain.

Founded in 2016, Hysolate has developed a groundbreaking technology which perfectly balances between cybersecurity requirements and exceptional user experience. The SaaS-based solution allows users to safely browse the web seamlessly and quickly, with no delay, eliminating security risk to the organization’s assets from potentially malicious actors. Additionally, users can leverage the same environment to protect the company’s sensitive enterprise apps from insider threats and accidental data loss. As a cloud-native solution, it is deployed easily and is geared for Fortune 500 enterprises as well as SMBs. The acquisition will provide Hysolate’s benefits as part of Perception Point’s best-of-breed Prevention-as-a-Service portfolio. The joint offering will fuse Perception Point’s channel coverage with the added value of Hysolate’s endpoint-centric approach to deliver customers with the full protection cycle – isolation of the activity, identification of the potential risk, containment of the attack, and full analysis of the event. This will be performed rapidly, efficiently, and holistically across all collaboration channels of the organization.

As part of the acquisition, Tal Zamir, Founder and CTO of Hysolate, will join Perception Point as CTO.

This article first appeared in by Marc Jacob in March, 2022.