Perception Point introduced a new AI model to combat the growing threat of generative AI-based Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. This cutting-edge detection model identifies LLM patterns to counter the rising abuse of generative AI in social engineering attacks.

Perception Point employs a powerful defense strategy by utilizing LLM-generated content patterns, advanced image recognition, anti-evasion algorithms and dynamic engines. This proactive approach ensures a robust security framework that neutralizes threats immediately, preventing them from reaching the user’s environment. With the new solution, enterprises can proactively safeguard their systems and networks, mitigating risks and ensuring a safer digital environment for their users.

The new detection model was developed to counter the emergent wave of AI-generated email threats. By leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and Deep Learning architecture, the AI-led technology effectively detects and prevents BEC attacks.

This article first appeared in ReadITQuik on July 5, 2023.