In today’s interconnected professional world, LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for networking, job hunting, and business proposals, and many of us would happily open a LinkedIn message from a trusted “1st connection” contact containing a sales proposal or a job offer. However, it’s come to light that a new two-step phishing campaign is leveraging sophisticated social engineering techniques to breach LinkedIn accounts and steal users’ Microsoft 365 credentials.

In this podcast, David Leone, Director of Sales Engineering at Perception Point, a leading provider of advanced email and workspace security solutions, explained that the lines between professional and personal workspaces are getting blurrier, making even personal profiles on social media platforms popular attack vectors and access points into organizations. 

David and Julian Lee emphasized the importance of multifactor authentication and best security practices, as well as the use of AI in cyber attacks and the potential for autopilot-driven attacks.

The discussion then shifted to the role of AI and XDR in enhancing security measures, particularly in the context of MSPs. They explored how AI can mitigate false positives and false negatives by adding context to data, thus reducing manual work and empowering security teams to focus on more critical tasks. The conversation also delved into the challenges faced by MSPs in managing complex security responsibilities and the need for smarter XDR systems to alleviate the workload.

This article first appeared on e-ChannelNews on May 15, 2024.