Perception Point, a provider of advanced threat protection across digital channels, announced that it has partnered with SentinelOne to provide customers unparalleled advanced threat detection and rapid remediation across enterprise endpoints, email, and cloud collaboration channels.

SentinelOne Singularity XDR unifies prevention, detection, and response into a single platform driven by patented machine learning and intelligent automation. Perception Point isolates, detects and remediates all threats across the organization’s main attack vectors, including email and cloud collaboration channels, from a single platform.

Perception Point’s integration with SentinelOne offers users the unique ability to simplify and consolidate protection across these attack vectors, and rapidly remediate any threat autonomously across them. Joint customers benefit from:
● Rapid remediation with additional triage from Perception Point’s managed Incident Response service
● Reduced workloads on the SOC team by up to 75%, simplifying and shortening containment time
● Full visibility into attacks across the endpoint, email, and cloud collaboration apps

Perception Point’s advanced threat protection solution is now available on the SentinelOne Singularity Marketplace.


This article first appeared in Global Security Magazine in September 2022.