One of the fastest growing solutions for network security is Zero Trust. Tal Zamir, CTO at Perception Point, provides analytical insight of customer’s 2022 implementations to Don Witt of the Channel Daily News, a TR publication, revealing future trends.

First, understanding what Zero Trust is and what enterprise and businesses need to do to respond to the post pandemic network requirements is essential to understand the future waiting for Zero Trust in 2023.

Knowing that more and more companies will be revising their corporate network border/perimeter strategy to include micro-networks, remote workers, and the cloud, what is the process to implement Zero Trust properly? When implemented, end to end security monitoring, prevention, remediation/incident response will still be required.

Prevention as a Service Providers. Digital Transformation Enablers.

Perception Point is a Prevention-as-a-Service company, built to enable digital transformation. Trusted by global enterprises, their Gartner-recognized, revolutionary platform offers a 360-degree protection against any type of content-based attacks, across all collaboration channels, in one simple solution. Built by and for IT and security experts, their service is incredibly easy to deploy, maintain and update according to the newest attack techniques.

Their Know how

They are a team of cyber-intelligence professionals and business leaders with offices in the US and Israel. They are passionate about cybersecurity, business operations, and the connection between the two.

They enjoy ruining the attackers’ day, every day.

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This piece first appeared in Telecom Reseller on January 16, 2023, written by Don Witt.