Tel Aviv, Israel – June 2, 2022 – Perception Point, one of the leading providers of advanced threat prevention across digital channels, announced today the launch of its Advanced Threat Protection for CRM Platforms on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to provide complete protection against content-borne threats infiltrating organizations through Salesforce. Leveraging multi-layered advanced detection engines, Perception Point’s solution automatically scans all content uploaded to Salesforce in near real-time, enhancing Salesforce’s native security features by accurately detecting and intercepting malicious content without disrupting Salesforce usage or business operations.

Integrated directly with Salesforce, Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection for CRM Platforms is currently available on AppExchange at this link. The solution is SOC-2 compliant and complies with Salesforce strict security assessments.

Organizations rely on Salesforce to manage their relationships with external users such as customers and partners, allowing these users to regularly upload content via Salesforce clouds including Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud. However, content uploaded through Salesforce can potentially be used as a vehicle for cyberattacks, allowing a malicious payload to enter organizations’ systems, causing financial and reputational damage. An advanced Salesforce threat protection solution is required to rapidly and accurately detect and prevent cyberattacks from breaching Salesforce customers via content exchanged on the platform. 

Perception Point’s Salesforce Advanced Threat Protection for CRM Platforms offers protection against all types of content-borne attacks including APTs, zero-days, malware and phishing that can penetrate organizations through Salesforce. The SaaS next-gen solution dynamically scans 100% of content uploaded to Salesforce (including embedded files and URLs) in an average of 10 seconds, compared with legacy sandboxing technology that can take up to 20 minutes. The solution supports both Windows and Mac environments. Perception Point’s solution also includes a 24/7, free-of-charge managed Incident Response service that efficiently analyzes, manages and remediates incidents, and drives continuous optimization of the security solution.

“Perception Point is excited to collaborate with Salesforce to provide an advanced threat protection solution to Salesforce customers, protecting them from content-borne threats at the speed and scale of business,” said Yoram Salinger, CEO of Perception Point. “Now, any organization that uses Salesforce can rest assured knowing that their Salesforce environment is protected from malicious actors’ most sophisticated attacks, without interrupting the company’s experience and business processes.”

“Our admissions operations rely heavily on Salesforce, including the receipt and processing of thousands of candidates’ application forms,” said Nguyen Quang Ha, Director of Information Technology at Fulbright University Vietnam. “As part of our commitment to protect the private data of our students and applicants, we needed to augment Salesforce security with advanced threat protection capabilities, not available with standard anti-virus solutions, for all content uploaded to Salesforce. By deploying Perception Point’s Salesforce advanced security solution we know that our organization is fully protected from content-borne threats.”

“Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection for CRM Platforms is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as it isolates, detects and remediates uploaded malicious content,” said Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange. “AppExchange is constantly evolving to connect customers with the right apps and experts for their business needs.”

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About Perception Point

Perception Point is a Prevention-as-a-Service company for the fastest and most accurate next-generation detection and response to all attacks across email, cloud collaboration channels, and web browsers. The solution’s natively integrated incident response service acts as a force multiplier to the SOC team, reducing management overhead, improving user experience and delivering continuous insights; providing proven best protection for all organizations.

Deployed in minutes, with no change to the enterprise’s infrastructure, the patented, cloud-native and easy-to-use service replaces cumbersome legacy systems to prevent phishing, BEC, spam, malware, Zero-days, ATO, and other advanced attacks well before they reach end-users. Fortune 500 enterprises and organizations across the globe are preventing content-borne attacks across their email and cloud collaboration channels with Perception Point.

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