Perception Point’s proprietary technology, the HAPTM, is now available for macOS. It protects against attackers harnessing Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) to target Apple computers.

Perception Point, a leading cybersecurity company, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product. The new Advanced Email and Collaboration Protection for Mac is a dynamic scanning solution for macOS threats .

In the past five years the market share of macOS-based desktop computers has doubled. In October 2020, it reached almost 18%. Cybercriminals have noticed this shift and now see Apple computers as a target. According to Malwarebytes, security threats targeting Macs has increased exponentially compared to Windows.

To meet this new attack surface, a revolution in securing Macs was required.

By leveraging Apple’s latest hardware, Perception Point is able to dynamically scan, detect, and intercept any file or URL-based attempt to target macOS or any of its apps.

When a file or URL is incoming, the HAP detonates it on the virtual machine and provides an output, which is a trace of the file, generated directly from the CPU. This trace, as well as the VM’s memory, is then scanned by the HAP’s software,

“Perception Point’s security for Mac is a much-needed solution for our Apple-using employees,” said Guy Flechter, CISO & DPO of AppsFlyer. “We were looking for a while for a solution that intercepts attacks specifically targeting Mac and to stop relying only on our endpoint protection layers. After successfully preventing attacks on our PCs, we hoped Perception Point would do the same for Macs, and they did. Perception Point is the first to provide us with a solution that not only covers all threats, including exploitation techniques and code abuses, but also the two desktop platforms, Mac and PC—in a single solution. This holistic approach is exactly what we were looking for.”

With this new capability, organizations can be safe from zero-days, N-days and other advanced attacks against macOS. Deployed in the cloud, giving unprecedented scale and speed of scanning. The ultimate protection for Mac.

“Detection is only one side of our new offering,” adds Michael Aminov, Co-founder and Chief Architect of Perception Point. “Our solution is the ‘sandbox killer’ because it eliminated all of the sandbox’s disadvantages. We built the solution to be completely native to the cloud, which means we can meet any scale. Coupled with the lightning-fast detection time, we ensure that we dynamically scan 100% of traffic targeting the organization’s Macs at any point of time.”

Does your organization use Mac? Contact us today and take your security to the next level.

About Perception Point

Perception Point is a Prevention-as-a-Service company, delivering advanced cybersecurity solutions for global enterprises.

The company was founded in 2015 by experts from the elite Israeli cyber-intelligence units. Its backed by prominent VCs and led by experienced tech veterans.

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