(Tel Aviv, Israel – December 18, 2023) – Perception Point, a leading provider of advanced threat prevention across digital communication channels, announced today it has achieved overall leader ranking for its Advanced Email Security solution in KuppingerCole Analysts AG’s Leadership Compass for Email Security. The report additionally named Perception Point a leader in three categories including Innovation Leadership, Product Leadership, and Technology Leadership. Perception Point clearly leads the market in the Product/Innovation Matrix, demonstrating the company’s strong ability to innovate and deliver enterprise-grade security for the modern workspace; protecting organizations from the top threat vector: email-borne attacks.

The Leadership Compass for Email Security report offers a comprehensive analysis of the email security landscape, giving an overview of email security solutions by examining market segment, vendor service functionality, relative market share, and innovative approaches to help CISOs and security experts select a solution that best meets their needs. 

Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security solution achieved overall leader ranking for its product capabilities and unique and innovative approach to protecting enterprises from the most advanced modern threats, including phishing, BEC, malware, ATO, impersonation, and zero-day attacks.

The report analyzes product leadership capabilities and additionally highlights how innovation is a key capability in all IT market segments, going on to state that “customers require innovation to meet evolving and even emerging business requirements.”

The report states that KuppingerCole analysts “rated several of the vendors as Innovation Leaders, given the significant amount of innovation we are observing in the market, both with the transition towards modern deployment models and integration into leading email platforms and with the use of AI and other technologies to tackle the ever-increasing threats customers are facing for their email-based communication. Many of the vendors also integrate Email Security with securing other communication channels such as Teams, Slack, and web-based interaction.”

Perception Point is at the forefront of preventing modern and emerging threats that are increasing in volume and sophistication across email, web browser, Microsoft 365 collaboration apps, and workspace SaaS apps. The solution is powered by a unique combination of multi-layered detection and an integrated, all-included incident response service. Novel anti-evasion technology, AI/ML, patented sandboxing technology, and more deliver the most accurate detection rates in the market. 

The solution’s included Incident Response service manages all incidents. Combining machine-learning capabilities, automated processes, and a team of cybersecurity experts, the IR service includes engine optimizations on a customer basis, detection enhancements, False Positive management, cyber intelligence, and 24×7 support for security teams.

“In a fiercely competitive landscape, achieving overall leader ranking in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report for Email Security is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation,” said Yoram Salinger, CEO of Perception Point. “This recognition underscores Perception Point’s dedication to delivering the most effective advanced threat prevention solutions to protect organizations of every size from the evolving threats of today and tomorrow.” 

Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Prevention solutions protect the employee’s modern workspace, which includes advanced email security as well as collaboration apps and web browser security; all from one platform.

For the complete KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass for Email Security report, please visit here.

About Perception Point:

Perception Point is a Prevention-as-a-Service company for the fastest and most accurate next-generation detection and response to all attacks across email, cloud collaboration channels, and web browsers. The solution’s natively integrated incident response service acts as a force multiplier to the SOC team, reducing management overhead, improving user experience and delivering continuous insights; providing proven best protection for all organizations.

Deployed in minutes, with no change to the enterprise’s infrastructure, the patented, AI-powered, and easy-to-use solution replaces cumbersome legacy systems to prevent phishing, BEC, spam, malware, zero-days, ATO, and other advanced attacks well before they reach end-users. Fortune 500 enterprises and organizations across the globe are preventing the most advanced attacks across their email, browsers and cloud collaboration channels with Perception Point.

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