TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Perception Point, a leading cybersecurity firm preventing file and URL based attacks in any content-exchange channel, today announced its integration for cloud content management platform, Box. Perception Point’s technology will be offered as an added service that can be deployed in only one click onto Box’s solution, providing additional threat detection for Box customers.

Collaboration platforms have become a target for highly sophisticated malware distribution, and once malicious content is on such a platform, it can easily infect any user who has access. Perception Point’s agile cloud solution prevents malicious files and URLs from being uploaded, downloaded, or utilized to infect previously clean files shared, providing an added layer of protection on top of the advanced security controls built into Box’s platform.

“We are thrilled to be integrating with Box in order to provide customers with an extension to Box’s current threat detection solutions,” said Yoram Salinger, CEO of Perception Point. “This integration demonstrates the growing reach of our solution, as well as our commitment to providing customers with threat detection capabilities that cover the full range of attacks, from APTs to phishing, across multiple channels, from email to cloud content management platforms. Our solution integrates with Box in one click with close to zero scanning delay, scans 100% of files, and a 24/7 threat intelligence team.”

“At Box, security is a top priority and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the tools to best ensure their most important content is protected,” said Niall Wall, Senior Vice President, Partners. “Perception Point’s integration with Box provides users with an additional layer of threat detection, working as a seamless extension to Box’s robust security capabilities.”

About Perception Point

Perception Point is a Prevention-as-a-Service company, built to enable digital transformation. Its continuously expanding platform protects against the full range of threats, across the most targeted channels, in one simple solution that is incredibly easy to deploy, maintain and update according to the newest attack techniques. Perception Point’s cloud-native platform enables the company to deploy updates to the platform weekly, and its incident response team continually provides insight into the latest trends and techniques. Founded in 2015, Perception Point serves global enterprises of all sizes, protecting tens of millions of emails, files, and URLs daily.

This article first appeared in PR Newswire on January 24, 2019.