Case Study

Replacing Proofpoint

A tech enterprise eliminates content-borne attacks on multiple collaboration channels

At a Glance

The Company

A publicly traded on NASDAQ tech company – one of the most popular website-creation tools, operating a fast-moving high-tech environment that relies on digital collaboration amongst its 6,500+ employees.


Their existing email security vendor, Proofpoint, had a high rate of false positives and missed attacks. In addition, the vendor did not have the ability to scale at the fast-growing rate of the company.

Perception Point Solutions

Advanced Email Protection, Advanced Cloud Storage Protection, Advanced Protection through API of In-house Applications.


Dynamic scanning of 100% of email traffic. Significant decrease in BEC/Phishing attacks as well as malware, compared to Proofpoint. Protection of the entry points beyond email through which files & URLs can enter the organization.


Web development companies as big as this client are prone to outside attacks due to their high profile and online footprint.

“In the last two years, we have seen a significant increase in malicious email attacks and URL-type attacks that were evading our existing protection, even with a Sandbox,” says the Client’s Chief Information Security Officer.

The client has very strong IT and Cyber teams that know how to deal with resolving email-borne attacks, but it was time and resource consuming.

They already had a competitor’s solution (Proofpoint) whose most advanced threat technology is the Sandbox, which is a good defense mechanism but one that is easily evaded today and is unable to scale to the growing volume of content exchanges of large enterprises.

The Client has been increasing its adoption of cloud-based applications both internally and externally.

“We needed a solution that could scale to our speed and be easily integrated into multiple entry points of the organization, not just the email vector.”



The Client’s CISO knew a better approach was needed and first sought to replace his existing email protection. After the Cyber team performed some vigorous detection tests on different vendors, Perception Point received the best detection results as well as the ability to scan 100% of traffic. As a result, the Client implemented Perception Point’s email protection. With an instant decrease in phishing, BEC attacks, and malicious documents, as well as a decrease in the time it took to scan, the company began to understand the power of the Perception Point Service.

After the implementation of Perception Point in the Email, the Client performed a complete perimeter reconnaissance and mapped out all entry points into the company that Files & URL’s can enter through. They quickly discovered many different vectors that were unprotected, such as their Google Drive and several in-house built applications.

Due to the ease of deployment and integration, in one click per channel, the Client was able to instantly scan all traffic and dynamically detect all Files & URL’s entering the company, no matter what entry point. Perception Point deployed their Advanced Email Protection, Advanced Cloud Storage Protection, and the use of their API allowed for Advanced Protection of several internal applications.


“Since implementing Perception Point, we instantly improved the protection of the company without interrupting our end-users,”  says the Client’s CISO. “It is a system for which the team doesn’t need to worry about updates, false-positives, and new attack types, as Perception Point adapts to the evolving threat landscape, taking a lot of burden off the IT and Cyber team, allowing them to focus on other business functions.”

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