Case Study

Replacing Barracuda's Email Security

Perception Point was deployed after Barracuda and showed the truth: attacks still get through legacy solutions. Check out why Perception Point replaced Barracuda after only 3 weeks.

At a Glance

The Company

American automotive company, based in California.


Growing reports on threats from end-user has initiated a process to review other email security solutions, hoping to reduce the amount of successful attacks on the company.

Perception Point Solutions

Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security platform for Office 365


Over the course of the POC, which lasted 3 weeks, Perception Point was able to:
  • Scanned over 41k emails
  • Spam prevented 1,015 spam attempts
  • 102 malicious incidents prevented
  • Replaced Barracuda’s solution completely


The company has already deployed Barracuda’s solution for email security. This means that Perception Point was required to deliver enhanced results on top of not only the native security of Office 365, but also of those of a reputable vendor. The main KPIs in the POC were improved detection of key incidents and ability to quarantine spam email.

“We were surprised to see such results in 3 weeks. We knew that we were exposed to attacks but usually it takes way longer to see the value of a product. We are very happy with our decision to deploy Perception Point”

Senior Security Analyst


Perception Point was deployed after Barracuda’s solution, i.e. as the third level after Office 365 and the security vendor. As a result, each email that Perception Point scanned was deemed Clean by the other solutions. The end results were loud and clear – Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security solution found over 100 incidents missed by others, on top of 1,000+ spam emails in only 3 weeks.

The incidents included payload-less, impersonation attacks (also known as BEC), known malware spotted by Perception Point AV layer, phishing attempts and several Droppers – which were intercepted by Perception Point’s HAP – a next-gen dynamic scan layer that monitors the attack in the CPU level.


Perception Point proudly protects this customer in such crucial industry. The attacks on companies in this domain are getting more and more complex and we’re happy to see that we stay ahead of the attackers time after time (after time).

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