Case Study

Perception Point vs. FireEye

Read this complete case study to see how Perception Point works to protect AppsFlyer from any type of email-borne threat, including spam, malware, impersonation, and APTs.

At a Glance

The Company

AppsFlyer, A tech unicorn offering marketing analytics and attribution solutions. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the company employs 1,200 personnel worldwide.


Growing discontent from the existing detection rate. Lengthy delays in email transfer, which led to deteriorating end-user experience.

Perception Point Solutions

Advanced Email Security, including 7 different detection layers against spam, malware, phishing, BEC, and APTs.


Replacing FireEye. Prevention of thousands of attacks. Dynamic scanning of 100% of email traffic.


Our client’s security team faced two main challenges, that supposedly contradicted each other: On one hand, they decided that they need to scan all traffic. This has become a more urgent problem as the company has grown both in revenue and employees. On the other hand, users have complained about delays in email transfer, which lead to deteriorating user experience.

“As a high-speed, data-driven company, we needed a cybersecurity solution that will not only provide better protection against email threats but will also keep up with our business pace and the growing email traffic.” Guy Flechter, Chief Information Security Officer at AppsFlyer.

cloud diagram secure email gateway

The Perception Point solution has delivered exactly what we were looking for, reducing delays while also preventing advanced threats. I can highly recommend this solution to all companies using Gmail



AppsFlyer decided to evaluate the platform gradually and deployed Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security solution in two phases: At the beginning of the POC, the client had chosen to deploy Perception Point’s solution in a monitoring/non-blocking mode, so all emails that were detected as malicious were still being delivered to the end-user. This period enabled the customer to assess the value of the platform, without any risk.

Two weeks after the deployment, after Perception Point’s platform identifi­ed numerous incidents that were missed by the existing infrastructure, the client’s security team decided to switch to blocking mode. In this mode, Perception Point actively prevents any suspicious email from reaching the end-user.

Over the course of the trial period, Perception Point’s platform prevented over 150 malicious emails, containing both URL- and ­file-based threats, in addition to thousands of spam email blocked.

On top of that, the platform guaranteed the scan of all email traffic, causing close to zero delay to end users.


AppsFlyer is now a long-time customer of Perception Point. We were able to replace their FireEye solution and enhance their G-Suite security. Throughout the engagement, AppsFlyer has contributed to Perception Point’s product roadmap, adding new capabilities and features.

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