Case Study

Fortifying Office 365 Email

Office 365 security is flawed in comparison to Perception Point’s solution. See how we replaced, effectively, Microsoft ATP in less than a day.

At a Glance

The Company

US-based food & beverage manufacturer with over 1,100 employees.


Our client’s Security team knew that their Office 365 and Exchange Online Protection from Microsoft was still very susceptible to cyberattacks. Up until implementing Perception Point, they had been relying heavily on employee awareness to decide if a URL or an invoice attached to an email is authentic or sent by a cybercriminal – a very risky strategy, especially for a business with many daily email communications.

Perception Point Solutions

Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security platform for Office 365.


  • 400+ malicious fi­les and links prevented from reaching end-users.
  • Prevented a targeted phishing campaign.
  • Protected company’s brand and prevented fi­nancial losses.


“We needed a platform to prevent email-based attacks that we knew were going through our current systems. We train our employees not to open anything suspicious, but we must reduce dependence on this and eliminate these attacks before they are delivered to their inbox”.

IT Infrastructure Manager

The Perception Point solution is easy and straightforward to deploy. It made an immediate impact on our day to day operation. I can’t say enough about the team and how quickly they responded to questions, new feature requests or improvements. Any issue I faced was answered on the same day.



By deploying Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security solution as part of Offi­ce 365, the client’s team saw an immediate improvement in the detection and prevention of malicious emails.

At the start of the POC, the client elected to evaluate the Perception Point solution in a non-blocking mode, so all emails that are detected as malicious are still being delivered to the end-user.

After only half a day following the deployment and several notifications from the Perception Point Incident Response team regarding attempts to attack, the security team decided to switch to blocking mode and prevent any suspicious emails from reaching the end-user. Overall, the entire deployment process took less than 10 minutes and didn’t require any changes to the MX Record or additional overhead from the IT team.

During the first month, Perception Point was able to prevent 268 malicious emails containing over 400 malicious files and links that were targeting the client’s employees. These attacks include some of the more common phishing and impersonation attacks, as well as more advanced malware attacks like Emotet, Loda, and Trickbot.

Perception Point also prevented a targeted campaign, the week before Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. The attack targeted over 30 employees with a subject related to Thanksgiving and a malicious greeting card attached. The malware used in this campaign was Emotet and Trickbot and was initiated through attack servers located outside the U.S.


The company has renewed its engagement with Perception Point time and time again. By delivering high level of detection, as well as supporting services, the client finds Perception Point to be the best solution for its needs to strengthen the native security Office 365 provides. Since the deployment, end-users feel safer when opening emails and files, knowing they were scanned by our solution.

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