Case Study

Delivering OneDrive and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

See how Perception Point secures all key entry points to an Israeli-based telecom enterprise, including its email and OneDrive applications

At a Glance

The Company

Large telecommunications enterprise and leading Internet provider with over 2,500 employees.


The company recently migrated to the cloud and have their email hosted on Office 365,  and are using OneDrive for their cloud storage. Having used Office 365’s ATP module, they were not happy with the detection capabilities, false-positive rate, and lack of ability to dynamically scan all incoming emails and were looking for Office 365 Advanced threat detection for their email and OneDrive.y.

Perception Point Solutions

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection for Email and for OneDrive.


3 months of scanning: 52K Malicious incidents detected by Office 365 Advanced Threat Detection
Dynamic Scanning on all 2,500 users for both email and OneDrive.
Low false positive rate taking advantage of Perception Points Incident Response Team.


The scale of a telecommunication companies’ operations, which include several different office locations, means email is a primary communication tool and cloud storage an important collaboration tool. For the CISO, that means keeping email and cloud storage a key priority: “We did our digital transformation to cloud email and storage as they are both essential communication tools. Being so essential, I, of course, needed protection and added Microsoft’s ATP module.” Unfortunately, after months of several malicious incidents entering the organization, a high number of false positives, and too many attempts at “configuring” their Office 365 and the related ATP module to improve it, they have come to the conclusion that an Office 365 advanced threat detection solution is required – either for replacement or enhancement for the email security.
perception cloud office 365 advanced threat protection

“We did our digital transformation to cloud email and storage as they are both essential communication tools. Being so essential, I of course needed protection and added Microsoft’s ATP module.”



The IT and Cyber team were looking for an Office 365 advanced threat detection solution quick and easy to integrate that, on one hand, will not negatively affect the end-users’ experience, and on the other hand will deliver the highest level of detection. With Perception Point’s simple integration to Office 365, the team was able to instantly provide prevention of malicious URL’s, files, and payload-less attacks, whilst still maintaining the built-in defense of Office 365.

Moreover, after seeing immediate results on their email, they have decided to expand the POC to check whether they are vulnerable to cloud storage-borne attacks. Since they did not have protection on their OneDrive but felt this might be a source of incoming attacks that were missed. Accordingly, they chose to deploy Perception Point’s Advanced Cloud Storage Security as well. In literally one-click, all of their traffic uploaded to their OneDrive was immediately scanned.

Within 3 months of protecting the organization, Perception Point prevented 52,000 malicious incidents with 90% coming from the Email and 10% OneDrive.( this  is 3 months in the org but the % doesn’t include spam)


“Since implementing Perception Point for Office 365 advanced threat protection, not only have we seen a strong detection rate but a significant decrease in the number of false positives, which comes from the strength of their Incident Response Team” says a senior member of their Cyber Team. Perception Point’s unique detection layers combined with a real Incident Response Team, allows the IT and Cyber team to transform their email security and cloud storage security while saving email management time to allow a focus on other business functions.”

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