Case Study

Replacing Mimecast

Perception Point provided added value that outperformed Mimecast’s solution. Check how and why the customer chose to replace Mimecast with us.

At a Glance

The Company

US-based Financial institution with 150 employees.


Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions are heavily prone to attacks. And with not only reputation on the line, but also their business – each incident is key. In this example, the customer wanted to ensure that number of threats its employees are facing is down to bare minimum.

Perception Point Solutions

Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security platform for Office 365.


Over the course of the POC, which lasted only one week, Perception Point was able to:

  • Scanned over 80k emails
  • Spam prevented 619 spam attempts
  • 21 malicious incidents prevented
  • Replaced Mimecast completely


Perception Point was required to not only show value on its own, but it has also been requested to this while being deployed after a prominent solution – Mimecast Email Security. On top of that, the customer wanted to ensure that email delivery is not compromised in any way and that emails are not being delayed.

In this case, the company set forth the following clear KPIs:

  • All content is scanned dynamically
  • Email delay should be under 45 seconds
  • Over 10 incidents blocked

Perception Point’s solution met all required KPIs in only 1 week. They prevented almost 2 dozen of attacks in no time, saving the company severe potential damages. They also didn’t affect the user experience as promised in the first pitch.



As described above, Perception Point was deployed after Mimecast’s solution, i.e. after Office 365 and after Mimecast. As a result, each email that Perception Point scanned was deemed Clean by the other solutions.

Perception Point’s multi-layered solution prevented 21 malicious incidents in only 1 week. This included: hidden embedded malicious links/files; phishing; and known and unknown malware. The main layers to prevent the attacks were:

  • The Recursive Unpacker: the company’s anti-evasion engine that uncovers cyber threat disguised as legitimate
  • Anti-phishing: a combination of 3rd party engines and proprietary image-recognition based engine that identifies zero-day phishing sites
  • Threat intelligence – a unique database that includes information on known malware attacks


As a result of the POC, the customer has decided to use Perception Point’s email security solution as the right solution for its needs.


Perception Point replaced Mimecast’s solution completely. By leveraging the Dynamic Pricing model, the customer was also able to not only get improved protection but also at a lower price than it used to pay Mimecast.

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