Case Study

Augmenting Office 365 EOP

Perception Point has outperformed 3 other reputable security solutions to protect a prominent Food & Beverages enterprise. Reason for success: improved detection and close interaction with the Incident Response team.

At a Glance

The Company

A US-based Food & Beverages enterprise with 5,500 employees worldwide.


The client had concerns that their Office 365 and Exchange Online Protection (EOP) from Microsoft was still very susceptible to cyberattacks. Up until implementing Perception Point, they had seen a high volume of successful phishing attempts and their security team was spending almost 1/3 of their time managing false positives.

Perception Point Solutions

Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security platform for Office 365.


  • After 30 days of testing, Perception Point was chosen as the email security vendor of choice with superior detection rates compared to Microsoft Office 365 EOP and three other vendors.
  • Dramatically lower false-positive rate: on top of the inherent improvement in the FP rate, the client also saw value in the Incident Response service, and specifically in managing false positives on an ongoing basis.


The company CISO entered the process, stating “We needed a solution that did a much better job preventing email-based attacks. Our team was spending far too much time with Office 365 EOP, responding to incidents that went through Microsoft and managing quarantined emails that should have made it to the end-user inbox.”In order to choose the right vendor, the company has taken the following actions:

    • Initial market research to see which vendors are out there
    • Selection of 4 different vendors to the POC stage
    • Scoring each vendor and picking the best fit

“Perception Point has made an immediate impact on our ability to prevent email-based threats. Their Incident Response team has freed up tons of time for my SOC team to focus on other priorities.”



By deploying Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security solution along with Offi­ce 365, the client’s team saw an immediate improvement in the detection and prevention of malicious emails.

The POC process was running in “detection mode”, so there was no impact to email flow but the client was still able to monitor what Perception Point would have caught if set up inline. The Perception Point POC set-up took less than 5 minutes to deploy.

The other vendors involved in the POC were set up in a similar way so that the client could have an apples-to-apples comparison. After the first week, Perception Point was already providing detection rates significantly higher than the other solutions involved. After 30 days it was clear to the client that our unique approach to threat prevention was highly effective and they moved to production deployment.

Since there is no change to MX record, the inline deployment process takes less than 30 minutes to enable and move into full blocking mode.

In production, Perception Point has continued to provide unmatched threat prevention across all attack vectors.


The combination of next-level threat prevention and our Incident Response team has been a game-changer for this company. Perception Point continues to block over 99% of email-based attacks and provide service that is unmatched by other email security vendors.

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