Advanced Collaboration Security

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In today’s digital workspace, cloud collaboration, messaging, storage and a multitude of SaaS apps have become integral to daily operations.

The increasing adoption of tools such as Slack, Microsoft 365 apps, Salesforce and others have transformed these SaaS platforms into hotbeds for advanced cyber attacks. Phishing links, sophisticated malware, and zero-day exploits are increasingly being delivered through collaboration cloud tools, posing a significant risk to end-users and the enterprise’s overall security posture.

advanced collaboration security

Perception Point’s Advanced Collaboration Security prevents Spam, Phishing, BEC, Malware, Account Takeover and Zero-Day exploits before they reach organizations across email, browsers and proprietary apps.

Download this datasheet to learn about the use cases, technical specifications, and the key features of our Advanced Collaboration Security solution, including:

  • Fully Managed, All-Included Incident Response Service
  • 360° channel coverage
  • Multi-layered detection