AWS S3 Usage & Cybersecurity Landscape

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Amazon S3 is being leveraged in a growing number of products and modern services amid the rapid adoption of cloud native services. 


Perception Point engaged with a 3rd party research company to conduct an independent, comprehensive analysis of IT and cybersecurity professionals from different sectors & industries across North America in order to provide security professionals essential information to help them gain visibility into current S3 bucket usage and security vulnerabilities


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  • How organizations are using S3 buckets?
    What are current usage patterns and the organizations’ future plans?


  • What file types do organizations store on S3 buckets, and do they originate from external parties?


  • What is the level of exposure to cyberattacks through S3 buckets, and what threat types are organizations exposed to?


  • What are the pain points of organizations when managing their S3 bucket security solutions?


  • What are organizations’ future objectives and plans to improve their S3 bucket security?

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