Our Friends, the Machines

How AI and automation empower you to address today’s complex cyberthreats.

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Cyber attacks continue to become more sophisticated as attackers adopt complex techniques to breach organizations.

To adapt to this expanding cyberthreat landscape, cybersecurity providers have turned to AI and automation to strengthen their defense capabilities against advanced cyberthreats.

Watch the recorded discussion between Acronis’ VP of Cyber Protection Research, Candid Wüest, and Perception Point’s Machine Learning Team Lead, Roy Galili Darnell, as they discuss the role of AI and automation in today’s cyber defense.

Hosted by Acronis’ Product Marketing Manager, Jeff Hardy, this webinar covers a range of topics, including:

  • What AI-related tools exist for you to prepare and respond to emerging threats
  • How AI and machine learning can solve the critical cyber talent shortage
  • AI and automation’s availability to larger service providers and enterprises
  • LIVE DEMO of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud + Perception Point’s Advanced Email Security

This webinar is geared for security leaders from MSPs, enterprises and SMBs.

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Candid Wüest


Roy Galili Darnell

Machine Learning Team Lead, Perception Point

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy

product marketing manager, Acronis