Securing Your Salesforce, Protecting Your Business

Why native Salesforce security solutions are not enough to protect you from advanced threats.

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In this digital age, most enterprises understand the importance of having a client management platform. CRMs like Salesforce have become increasingly more vital to the flow of business. Salesforce offers multiple solutions and integrations for customer and partner management. However, what many organizations don’t consider is how these offerings also expose them to potential risks.

Salesforce clouds and modules allow access to external customers, partners, suppliers and contractors. While these functions are intended to improve the user experience and promote growth, they leave organizations vulnerable to threats. Malicious actors recognize this space as an entry point for 21st century attacks.

With so many opportunities to upload malicious content and execute hefty payloads, Salesforce is an ideal attack vector for bad actors looking to amplify their impact through data theft or financial gains. With all this in mind, the need for Salesforce security has never been clearer.

Join Perception Point’s Customer Success Manager, David Leone and Product Marketing Manager, Keren Rogachevsky as they delve into all things Salesforce security, including:

  • Why native Salesforce security solutions are not enough to protect you from advanced threats
  • Which areas within Salesforce expose your organization to content-borne threat vectors 
  • How Perception Point’s Salesforce Advanced Threat Protection optimally solves this security gap + live demo!

David Leone

SR. Customer Success Manager, Perception Point

Keren Rogachevsky

Director, Product marketing, Perception Point