Tales from the Cybersecurity Trenches

Battling the latest real-world user attacks.
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Join us for a wild ride through the dark underbelly of cybersecurity where you will meet “Joe”, your run of the mill end-user, who happens to be targeted on a multitude of channels including email, the web browser, cloud, CRM, and messaging apps, throughout his workday.

In this session, we reveal advanced techniques that cybercriminals are using to breach companies, including:

  • BEC
  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • ATO

We’ll show you how these attacks can easily bypass traditional security stacks, leaving your email, web browsers, and collaboration apps vulnerable to exploitation.

But fear not, there is hope! We’ll also be sharing cutting-edge strategies for effectively preventing, responding, and remediating these threats. You’ll discover how modern workspace security tools can help you stay ahead of the curve by detecting and neutralizing threats in real-time. 

Similarly we will highlight the importance of having a solid incident response plan in place. You’ll learn how to effectively correlate incident data across your various channels, allowing you to better understand the scope and impact of an attack.

Dave Leone, Perception Point’s Senior Solutions Engineer, will share real-world examples directly “from the field”. He’ll also explain how we’ve helped protect organizations by preventing the cybersecurity incidents that are threatening users through not only email, but also web browsers and collaboration channels.

Don’t miss out on this chance to stay ahead of the curve and neutralize threats before they cause harm to your very own “Joes”!

dave loene

David Leone

Senior Solutions Engineer,
Perception Point