Paz Shwartz, CEO of IGuardU, a tech services company, found himself confronting a problematic email security situation. He needed a solution that would free staff members to concentrate on the company’s mission rather than worrying about email threats. The main dilemma arose from the fact that Paz’s organization primarily communicates by email, which results in a great deal of mail traffic.

The company estimated it received at least 20 attacks per month. As a result, they decided to implement an additional protective layer that would transport/translate rules from its mail system to the Perception Point Advanced Email Security scanning mechanism. This approach served to complement and insulate its existing email software.

Paz explained that “today, there are constant social engineering attacks that go through vectors of sending you URLs, inserting phony websites for credential harvesting, or a URL that will inject some sort of a payload into your browser. Our new software system prevents the company from being a victim of these types of attacks.” Perception Point Advanced Email cleans and blocks phishing data and can alert a user in real time. Paz is reaping the rewards of adopting Perception Point as his company sees the benefits of implementation for blocking all email threats.

Protecting the people behind the email threats

Paz’s main objective is keeping emails safe. Perception Point is an effective and valuable solution because of its excellent detection. According to Paz, “People are attacking the human factor behind the computer, not the system itself. Perception Point identifies any threat or phishing attempts or campaigns, as well as identifying any warnings, such as bad reputation, servers, or links; then it blocks them. This is what I find to be very good about the system. This is what we were always looking for.”

Easy to Integrate – a Watchdog System

IGuardU had not been happy with the security features of its existing email system, especially when the time came to cleaning phishing links. The company had to constantly be on its guard against the threat of a social engineering attack.

Emails were susceptible to crypto viruses that could be inadvertently downloaded during URL phishing attacks. Or, the phishing URLs redirected users to forms that would harvest their credentials. This was becoming a problem, with remote employees using devices for both work and personal use. With the distractions of 2020/2021, many employees are not on their guard and would forget they needed restraint in not opening suspicious emails or rigged attachments.

Instead of completely switching systems, they added Perception Point Advanced Email Security as an adjunct security layer to keep their communication safe from email threats. This allowed IGuardU to benefit from two levels of protection without changing their email infrastructure at all.

One and Done

“It is a very straightforward solution,” said Paz. “The mail just goes through the added layer. The system’s scanned and if there are any cases of cyber threats, they will get stopped by Perception Point. The process is seamless, and we don’t need to keep monitoring because the extra security software layer works very well and protects our organization just like a shield. We almost never need to think about it because we chose the right system for the right reason.”

Protection Is the Perfect Investment Against Email Threats

Perception Point Advanced Email Security has brought IGuardU an assured return on investment (ROI). It has proven to reduce the number of alerts received by Paz’s endpoint layer. The software blocks all suspicious URLs, which had in the past downloaded unwanted payloads to users’ machines. Finally, the company gets an alert on suspicious URLs in the most efficient manner. Paz explained that “the payload’s prevented from getting downloaded to our machines, so the endpoint protection avoids constant alarm activation. It has made the way we do business much more comfortable and predictable. You are actually saving on your security team management.”

Thanks to Perception Point’s successful reduction of dangerous emails and keeping the company’s servers safe, key personnel find that their days are more productive and not as focused on always playing defense. Employees are not wasting valuable time fretting over which emails might be malicious. Instead of feeling compelled to check consoles every few minutes, there are more hours in the day to create revenue.

Paz explained, “That [constant checking] is not happening, since you don’t have anything to check. You are actually saving on your security team management. This has saved us many wasted hours, and it is very difficult finding return on investment when it comes to security mechanisms because there is no return on investment per se until something happens. If you have a crypto virus where someone asks for $1 million of ransomware, not having that event is your return on investment. I think this solution is more robust and bulletproof.”

Paz is satisfied with Perception Point Advanced Email Security as part of a robust system. He can positively project that as his company grows, his software needs will be able to grow along with it. “I would advise someone to ‘go and do it, because this solution is a must-have security layer.'”