Hysolate was started a few years ago with the vision of creating secure-by-design endpoints that let users work productively, without risking their organizations. 

Learn more about enterprise-grade security for native Chrome and Edge browsers, here.

What started off as an idea has now turned into a reality with our VM-based isolation technology: Hysolate instantly creates a local isolated zone on the endpoint and automatically launches high-risk apps within that protected zone, ensuring a streamlined user experience while keeping the company’s assets safe. As a cloud-native solution, Hysolate is simple to deploy across the enterprise and easily managed from a single console, making it relevant for organizations across different industries and sizes.

Customers are using Hysolate for two main reasons:

  1. Enabling users to safely access all content including suspicious content (such as potentially unsafe websites, documents, attachments, and peripherals) on their corporate endpoints. This content can’t impact the organization, even if it leverages zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits, as it is isolated in a local virtual machine.
  2. By providing users with an isolated trusted zone, users can securely access sensitive enterprise apps on partially-trusted and 3rd party endpoints, without risk of data loss by malware or insider threats. This includes protection against screenshots, keylogging, ransomware, and human error.

In both cases, we’ve seen customers using Hysolate primarily to isolate web-based apps and web-related threats, with the browser being the main app they wish to isolate. However, customers are looking not just to isolate threats, but to also know when the malicious activity took place, requiring advanced threat detection capabilities. Customers are looking for a single solution that can detect, prevent, isolate, and remediate malicious threats across their organization, in an effective way.

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The Perception Point + Hysolate Advantage

Today, we’re excited to share that Hysolate has been acquired by Perception Point. This is a great next step in the Hysolate journey to bring advanced web security to enterprises everywhere. 

Perception Point is a world leader in content-based advanced threat protection – covering a wide variety of threat vectors, including email, collaboration apps, cloud storage, and many other channels. Starting today, Perception Point can also offer customers protection against web-based attacks. 

Hysolate will expand Perception Point’s Prevention-as-a-Service portfolio to isolate and detect web-based threats on the endpoint. Coupling Perception Point’s coverage with the added value of Hysolate’s endpoint-centric approach allows us to jointly provide customers with the visibility, detection, isolation, and remediation capabilities across multiple enterprise assets that aren’t possible with other web security technologies or existing solutions. This addresses the needs of today’s digital businesses along with distributed workforces to holistically protect their organization and reduce security risks. Users will be able to securely access all websites, web apps, and downloaded files, without being blocked and without compromising on security or on their experience. 

Perception Point’s best-of-breed detection engine will be integrated with Hysolate’s solution to block and mitigate detected web threats. Detected web threats can then be identified instantly across the enterprise’s many assets for rapid remediation when necessary. Furthermore, Hysolate’s technology will provide endpoint visibility and data loss prevention capabilities, as part of the comprehensive Perception Point Prevention-as-a-Service platform. 

This is a great opportunity for the Hysolate and Perception Point team. Our unified vision to protect organizations from the growing amount of threats across all channels is clear. I can’t wait to see what we can build and how we can transform web security by joining forces with the stellar Perception Point team. 

Read more about the acquisition here.

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