The KuppingerCole Email Security Leadership Compass is a new benchmark for excellence, rigorously evaluating and ranking the leaders in the field of cyber and information security. 

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In this competitive landscape, Perception Point has emerged as an overall leader, setting a new standard in email security. The recent 2023 report by Martin Kuppinger and John Tolbert (released December 14) recognizes Perception Point’s ascendancy in a market saturated with big players, acknowledging its distinguished position in innovation, product strength, and technological advancement.

Figure 1:  Overall Leadership rating for Email Security courtesy of KuppingerCole Analysts AG 

A Leader Among Cybersecurity Giants: Perception Point’s Achievements In Innovation, Product and Technology

The latest KuppingerCole Leadership Compass has positioned Perception Point as the overall leading email security vendor besting notable players like Broadcom, Cisco, Check Point, Microsoft, Mimecast, IRONSCALES, Sophos, and Retarus. Advanced Email Security by Perception Point is showcased throughout the paper as a paragon of innovation, technology and product excellence.

The Epitome of Innovation and Technology

Technology in the field of email security is dynamic and it demands constant innovation. Perception Point stands out in the cybersecurity market for groundbreaking innovations, a distinction highlighted in the KuppingerCole report. The forward-thinking approach is exemplified by two pioneering advances in 2023: the introduction of the first robust protection against QR code phishing (“quishing”) using image recognition technology, and the deployment of proprietary GenAI Decoder™ to combat AI generated Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. These AI-powered detection engines represent a leap in preventing novel cyber threats. 

Another field Perception Point has led the pack in for years is the protection of collaboration channels and cloud storage apps in addition to email services (OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, Google Workspace apps, Salesforce, Slack and more). In the past few months more and more email security vendors have sought to cover these channels.  

These innovations not only address current challenges but also set new benchmarks, establishing Perception Point as a trailblazer in the email security landscape.

Figure 2:   Innovation Leadership for Email Security courtesy of KuppingerCole Analysts AG 

Product Leadership: Setting New Standards

Perception Point’s standing in product leadership, as acknowledged in the KuppingerCole report, reflects a commitment to excellence that transcends the norm. This distinction in product development and delivery underscores Perception Point’s role as a trendsetter in the industry. 

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In stark contrast to the competitors, Perception Point stands out not just as a security solution provider but as a comprehensive service. The KuppingerCole report directly notes this uniqueness: “The company offers Incident Response services as an integral part of its solution with no extra charge. The Incident Response service includes engine optimizations on a customer basis, detection enhancements, fraud prevention management, cyber intelligence, and support for security teams.“

Figure 3:   Product Leadership for Email Security courtesy of KuppingerCole Analysts AG 

Market Recognition: A Testament to Leadership

Perception Point’s market leadership in email security is consistently validated through prestigious recognitions. Recently, Perception Point was spotlighted in 3 different Gartner 2023 Hype Cycles, including the Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security, emphasizing Perception Point’s role in advancing enterprise browser security and BEC protection

Perception Point was also honored as a Strong Performer in Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Email Security, reflecting direct, positive feedback from users. 

Additionally, Advanced Email Security has been featured as a Recognized Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Security four consecutive times, the most recent in 2023. 

The latest KuppingerCole accolades together with Gartner’s consistent acknowledgment underscores Perception Point leading presence and influence in the email security industry.

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