In today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats lurk in every corner of the internet, securing the user’s workspace has emerged as a critical concern for businesses of all sizes, across all industries. With the growing scale and sophistication of attacks, organizations are increasingly seeking robust solutions to safeguard their main communication and productivity applications including email, browsers and collaboration apps. Against this backdrop, the recent partnership between Perception Point and Pax8 marks a significant step forward in fortifying organizations’  cybersecurity infrastructure.

Pax8 is known worldwide for its cloud marketplace for IT professionals to buy, sell, and manage best-in-class technology solutions. Pioneering the future of modern business, Pax8 has cloud-enabled more than 300,000 enterprises through its channel partners and processes one million monthly transactions. Pax8’s award-winning technology enables managed service providers (MSPs) to accelerate growth, increase efficiency, and reduce risk so their businesses can thrive. 

Perception Point, renowned for its cutting-edge threat detection and prevention capabilities, has joined forces with Pax8. This collaboration comes at a time when the demand for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions is at an all-time high, driven by the alarming statistics revealing that over 90% of cyberattacks originate from malicious emails, while attacks targeting browser and collaboration apps are not far behind.

The partnership between Perception Point and Pax8 underscores the growing importance of strategic alliances in addressing evolving cyber threats. By leveraging Perception Point’s advanced threat prevention solution, Pax8 aims to empower its network of MSP partners with robust tools to effectively mitigate the risks associated with email, browsers, and collaboration apps.

The deployment process of Perception Point’s solution via Pax8 is streamlined and hassle-free, ensuring minimal disruption to existing operations. With seamless integration capabilities and user-friendly interfaces, organizations can swiftly fortify their email, browser, and SaaS app defenses without compromising productivity or efficiency. Perception Point offers multiple deployment options like inline or API fast install. 

One of the standout features of Perception Point’s solution is the all-included managed Incident Response service, which reduces the burden on security teams and accelerates incident response times. The service combines genAI based models for autonomous incident resolution and a team of cybersecurity experts which handle FP and FN hunting, research, reporting, and SOC team updating. 

Perception Point’s partnership with Pax8 emphasizes a shared commitment to empowering MSPs and their clients with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. By offering comprehensive security for the modern workspace, as part of Pax8’s cloud distribution portfolio, MSPs can help organizations enhance their resilience against the wide range of  current and emerging threats, including phishing, quishing, BEC attacks, ATO, data loss, malware, insider threats, and zero-days.

The collaboration between Perception Point and Pax8 heralds a new era of cybersecurity excellence, where innovative technologies and strategic partnerships converge to protect organizations against emerging cyber threats. By combining Perception Point’s industry-leading expertise with Pax8’s extensive network of MSP partners, businesses can fortify their defenses and embark on a journey towards a more secure digital future.

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