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AWS S3 can be a security risk for your business

Along with the shift to the cloud and emergence of modern digital services and applications, new security concerns have emerged for organizations. This article discusses how new use cases are creating security risks for AWS S3 users, and best practices for organizations on how to protect their organizations with advanced threat protection services.
Dana Roth

Phisher Errors Lower Entry Barriers for Wanna-be Phishers

Each year, it becomes easier for wanna-be phishers to create successful campaigns. This is well-known. But now, it’s at its easiest. Anyone can successfully set up and employ a phishing scheme – without knowing any programming, going to the darknet or paying a thing.
Perception Point New Branding

Rebranding Perception Point

As some of you might have noticed, Perception Point is sporting a brand-new website, including updated messaging and a new design.


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