Eliminate the most advanced cyber-attacks

Our cybersecurity service instantly blocks exploits to eliminate the most advanced cyberattacks. With hardware-level visibility, we intercept any exploit well before it can leverage application bugs, so malware never penetrates your organization in the first place.
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Target the real enemy: Exploits

Today, the majority of advanced attacks first trigger a bug, then release malware.  This is when most current solutions act. But with an infinite potential for bugs and undetectable zero days, you are still very exposed. The key lies in acting much earlier by preventing the bug from being triggered at all. How?  By targeting the original source of malware - the Exploit. Exploits are the real enemy.


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Stop attacks at their source

Our platform gains direct access to the full execution flow being produced by the CPU. With access to the purest form of data, Perception Point’s patented algorithms are able to deterministically see and prevent exploit techniques prior to malicious behavior. visibilty Flow

Active Prevention

Real-time interception at the initial stage of code execution.

Full Visibility

“X-ray” any code entering the system.

Zero Delay

Cleaner data and sophisticated engines for shorter analysis times.

Streamlined Integration

Cloud based platform allows for one-click deployment and seamless integration.
Built to immediately fortify your existing cybersecurity infrastructure, our platform will serve as the first line of cyber-defense.

Perception point’s Advanced Email Protection – Blocking any exploit via the email

Today 90% of targeted attacks occur through email, the most common gateway into an organization. Our e-mail solution blocks any exploit executed via this channel. Perception Point's Email Chain

Attachments & Links

“X-ray” messages before they arrive at the user’s inbox for 100% prevention of malicious attachments and links.

Analysis Time

Shorter analysis times ensure users experience zero security delays when opening messages


One-click activation immediately fortifies the organization against the most damaging attacks

We are powered by several decades’ experience successfully developing and implementing innovative cybersecurity solutions for organizations worldwide.

Led by Yoram Salinger, with over 20 years’ experience leading global high-tech companies, including time as CEO at Redbend (acquired by Harman in 2015). With our proven R&D leadership formerly playing key roles within the elite Israeli Intelligence Corps, we are committed to pioneering the discovery and disablement of new exploit techniques industry-wide.
Yoram Salinger Perception Point

acquired by Harman

Over 20 years experience in leading global high-tech companies

Yevgeny Pats Perception Point
Founder, CTO

NSO Group
acquired by Francisco partners,
Technology leader

Classified elite cyber unit in the Israeli Intelligence, Chief Architect

Shlomi Levin Perception Point
Founder, VP R&D

acquired by Palo Alto Networks, Senior Technology Leader

Trusteer acquired by IBM

Classified elite cyber unit in the Israeli Intelligence Officer & Research Squad Leader

Michael Aminov Perception Point
Founder, Chief Architect

acquired by PayPal
Chief Architect

Classified elite cyber unit in the Israeli Intelligence -Officer

Awarded with the Israeli National Award of Security

Analysis and exploitation of a Linux kernel vulnerability (CVE-2016-0728)

The Perception Point Research team has identified a 0-day local privilege escalation vulnerability in the Linux kernel.
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