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Real-time prevention & detection platform
for all email-borne threats

Holistic Threat Detection

One email security solution against APTs, phishing, malware, BEC, impersonation attacks and spam. Next gen detection engines prevent malicious files, URLs and social-engineering based techniques.

In addition to blocking the every day attack techniques, our cloud email security is uniquely capable of preventing the most difficult to detect threats including:

Advanced Persistent
Threats (APTs)

Proprietary “sandbox killer” technology x-rays incoming code at the CPU-level, before it can be masked. The result is unprecedented visibility into advanced threats to block Zero day and N day attacks at the exploit phase, pre-malware release.

No sandbox required.

Deeply Embedded

A common evasion technique is to hide malicious content within several layers of clean content. Our deep scanning technology unpacks emails into smaller units so embedded files and URLs pass through all detection engines individually.

Targeted Phishing

In-house image recognition engine combined with best-in-class URL reputation engines prevents targeted email phishing attacks.

BEC, Impersonation
and Payload-less

Market-leading prevention of payload-less attacks including email spoofing, look-alike domain and display name deception.

Faster, more cost-effective
and easier to deploy

Whether you need to consolidate the chaos of current cyber security solutions, reduce delays or save costs, Perception Point’s cloud email security solution can replace your increasingly ineffective AVs, CDRs and sandboxes in a few minutes.


Integrate to your current SIEM and keep the same rules you had before with no MX record change. Deploy with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Rackspace or any web-based email service.


In-line engines work in a matter of seconds, so users feel no impact on email receipt.  Average scan time of <3 seconds.


Highly reliable infrastructure for maximum uptime. Natively implemented fail-safes ensure consistent email delivery.


Incident Response team, all formerly part of the Israeli Defense Forces, continuously analyzing and delivering insights on attempts to breach.

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Proven Results



“We needed a platform to prevent email-based attacks that we knew were going through our current systems. We train our employees not to open anything suspicious, but we must reduce dependence on this and eliminate these attacks before they are delivered to their inbox”



“With Perception Point we can scan 100% of our traffic with no delays or out of service issues.  We’ve also deployed the solution across other content-exchange channels like Google Drive and internal messaging apps.”


“The Perception Point solution has delivered exactly what we were looking for, reducing delays while also preventing advanced threats. I can highly recommend this solution to all companies using Gmail”


“Easy implementation, great detection visibility and non-intrusive to our end users”

Does the email security service prevent phishing?

We prevent phishing, spear phishing and whaling with our phishing engine and recursive unpacker.  We have enhanced third party engines with an in-house image recognition engine to deliver market-leading phishing detection.

What is your False Positive rate?

Too many false positives can be very disruptive so we work hard to minimize the rate. We are proud to say that less than 0.0015% of all clean emails are marked as malicious. Our ultimate goal is to reach zero, so our SOC team deeply investigates each false positive to ensure continuous improvement.

How long does it take to scan an attachment?

Attachment scans take an average of 3 seconds. Every single attachment is scanned by all layers, including our advanced threat engine, the HAP, on at least three different versions of software (e.g. Word documents are scanned by all of the latest Office versions).

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