at their source.

Next gen email protection

100% threat visibility.
14x Faster.
One-click deployment.
Unlimited scale.

We stop email attacks at the earliest possible stage - pre-malware delivery - for faster, more accurate protection against zero day, n-day, and every day threats.

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Hardware visibility.
Software agility.

Our proprietary platform combines the best of both worlds. Fusing the high data visibility only possible at the CPU level with the flexibility of a cloud solution.

First Ever

Hardware Assisted Platform.


Any attack always starts at the CPU level, which means access to CPU level data is a critical factor when it comes to advanced threat prevention. Our solution makes possible an entirely new layer of CPU-level visibility - exposing the core exploit techniques behind any attack to prevent sophisticated evasion methods.

Current Solutions
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  • Detects malware, post-delivery
  • Using data at the application/OS level
  • Limited visibility into the code
  • Increasingly easy to evade through masking techniques
  • Extended scanning times, limited in scale
  • Base analyses on statistics and behavior


  • Prevents exploits, pre-code execution
  • Examines the entire execution flow, right from the processor
  • Access to the purest form of data
  • Very difficult to perform evasion techniques
  • Prevents attackers from accessing vulnerabilities and releasing malware

Inherent layered cyber protection.

Layered approach enhances market standard degrees of protection with our next gen advanced threat layer, for a streamlined solution.


Static Engines Attachments, Signatures and Spam


Static Engines Threat Intelligence, Static custom engines, URL reputation and Macros for Microsoft Office


HAP™ Engines Exploits on CPU level for any attachment or link


Email Server Gmail / Office 365 / Exchange

Stay a step ahead

Research & News.

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Case Study

Case Study: Advanced Attack Analysis

Uri Ahronovich

Perception Point’s platform recently caught an advanced threat directed at one of our customers within a Microsoft Word file.

Asset 5

Why Relays, AVs, & Sandboxes just aren’t enough anymore

By Jonathan Levy

Over the years organizations have implemented multi-layered approaches to protect their email, due to the fact that no single solution has provided sufficient results.

Asset 5

Breaking CFI: Exploiting CVE-2015-5122 using COOP

By Oshri Sela & Shlomi Levin

In this series of posts we’re going to demonstrate how modern CFI implementations can be circumvented.

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