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Stay ahead of the “attack waves” with in-depth analysis of key incidents and understand what’s trending among today’s malicious actors.

Phishing Attack Examples to Watch Out For | Perception Point

Cyber Scams Know No Bounds

Every week, our IR team reviews hundreds of emails and files intercepted and flagged by our system, analyzing new attack trends and sometimes intervening in real-time to remediate attacks. In this article, we share a few recent examples of interesting attacks hailing from different regions around the globe that our advanced email security solution prevented, which were then analyzed by the IR team.

How to Conduct a Phishing Attack in a 5 Easy Steps

Phishing is cybercrime’s oldest threat and it continues to be one of the most trending attacks on individuals and organizations alike. In this blog post we discuss recent players on the cyberattack scene: script kiddies, and their methods that make phishing so easy, even for the inexperienced.

Insights Into an Excel 4.0 Macro Attack using Qakbot Malware

In this campaign, the attacker conceals malicious payload by deeply embedding it within multiple types of content and using different evasion techniques. Perception Point's IR team found loopholes and was able to backtrack his steps to understand his techniques.
Email Security Solutions

Top Flaws in Typical Email Security Solutions

Since its inception, Perception Point has been scanning billions of emails, URLs and files every week. Most of the time, Perception Point clients already have at least one email security solution in place.
foundr magazine ceo fraud

‘CEO Fraud’ Phishing Kit on the Rise

The Perception Point IR Team recently uncovered a new CEO Fraud phishing kit that leverages Backblaze, a cloud-storage tool, to host fake Office 365 login pages.
Security Awareness Training

Employee Security Training
Proven Not Enough

Train the machine—not just the employee. Hackers know that many companies rely on security employee training alone, so they’ve been upping their game to trick…
Default Email Security

Default Email Security Not Secure Enough

The adoption of cloud email is increasing every year, with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 dominating. And now, a new report by Gartner noted that many clients have expressed dissatisfaction with default email security solutions, specifically citing Office 365.
Slow email protection software

Slow Email Protection Software
Got You Down?

Protecting email is an absolute necessity to continuing business operations. Despite this necessity, however, many end-users find their email protection software takes too long to scan for threats.
Zoom cybersecurity

Zooming in on Zoom

Zoom is growing quickly, which is good and bad. Good because it makes it easy to work from home, and bad because it's a security risk. Once a log-in page is necessary (such as in Zoom)—a new loophole for stealing credentials is created.

New Wave of Malicious
Excel 4.0 Macros

Excel 4.0 macros have been here for almost three decades, but this year, attackers have found new ways to weaponize them. It’s bad news for companies that still rely on this legitimate functionality.
equation on whiteboard barrel phishing

“Accept Phishing Message” – The SendGrid Scheme

Attackers are ever-improving. See how they learned to leverage SendGrid to gain from two main benefits: evading email security measures and improve their trial and error process to improve their attack success rate.
clone phishing attack

The Triple Trouble: 3-Stage Phishing Attack.

Perception Point’s platform intercepted a unique, 3-stage attack that uses multiple evasion techniques, in order to infiltrate the targeted organization. In this post, we will present the complex attack and how Perception Point’s unique engines prevented it.

Faking a Bank: Attackers Target Chase Bank Customers

Perception Point has identified attempts to phish Chase clients. Read this short blog to see how the attacker tried to impersonate to a prominent bank and how Perception Point prevented these attacks.
dispensing department onedrive account

New cyber campaign leveraging OneDrive.

Perception Point has once again discovered a new attack trend hitting our clients. Perception Point intercepted this new attack campaign through its Advanced Cloud Storage Security solution. In this attack, we will show how attackers are leveraging OneDrive in order to evade detection and take advantage of a new attack vector.

Phishing Campaign Trend: Microsoft Teams.

In the following incident, it is very interesting to see how the attackers have improved their messaging and framework significantly to try trick the end-users.…

COVID-19 – Update on New Cyber Campaigns.

As the Coronavirus continues to keep organizations world wide working remotely, Perception point continues to see more and more “COVID-19” themed attacks. As always, they are improving in their sophistication and evasion. Below is an overview of 2 new attacks caught by our system, with an in-depth malware analysis of one of the campaigns

The Salesforce Loophole.

Overview. Today we present a blog that combines two main trends: (i) The use of collaboration channels to spread malware (Salesforce) and (ii) The increase…

COVID-19 – When the Virus Spreads to New Channels.

Today’s blog shows an interesting change in the way attackers act. Unlike previous incidents we published, this report lays out Coronavirus-themes attacks which are not originated from email but though other collaboration channels, such as cloud storage platform and files shared in internal networks. This shift demonstrates how attackers have been evolving and how they look for new ways into their targets.

COVID-19 – Update on New Cyber Campaigns.

Today’s report includes two attacks – a phishing using a spoofing technique and a malicious archived .exe file. Each of these attacks show how the attacker gathers intelligence on their targets. CISO’s and security experts must always be on top of the recent trends and make sure their security vendor knows how to stop these new attacks.

COVID-19 – Update on New Cyber Campaigns.

Perception Point continues to see more coronavirus-themed attacks, which seem to continuously increase by the day. Some of these campaigns have added new levels of…
command lines website spoofing

Phishing Alert: GitHub Website Spoofing.

Over the last few days, Perception Point’s system has detected an increasing number of incidents that are attempting to steal GitHub user credentials. In this specific attack…

COVID-19 – Update on New Cyber Campaigns.

Perception Point continues to see more coronavirus-themed attacks, which seem to increase in quantities and improve in quality, by the day. In the following update…

COVID-19 – Update on New Cyber Campaigns.

Perception Point intercepts coronavirus-themed attacks on a daily basis. Attackers have already started to improve their methods and are showing greater creativity in designing the…

COVID-19 – Update on New Cyber Campaigns.

With the ongoing unfortunate situation of the Coronavirus continuing to happen all around us, attackers are taking advantage of both the situation and vulnerable individuals…
face masks bec scams

BEC Scams: Mimecast Spoofing.

BEC scams are on the rise. Over the last several months, our system has been identifying BEC attacks against our clients on an hourly basis.…
sharks g suite account

Campaign Alert: G-Suite Phishing.

Perception Point has detected a widespread campaign targeting multiple clients, in multiple countries, across a variety of industries. The one common factor is that they…
mailbox social engineering techniques

Campaign Alert: You (almost) have been compromised!

Within days of launching our anti-impersonation capabilities, we have detected within our clients multiple attack attempts using BEC techniques. What is Business Email Compromise? BEC or…
guy with mask attack vectors

Incident Report: A Combined Attack.

Combining Attack Vectors. Perception Point intercepted an email thread that combined all currently popular attack vectors; impersonation, encrypted archive and a malicious macro.  Impersonation The…

Incident Report: Statement of Account.

We recently detected a widespread attack on one of our customers. Within an organization of 7,000 employees, 229 users received the same email. In these…
old phones phishing site

Campaign Alert: Call me ASAP.

We have identified what appears to be a widespread campaign targeting several of our clients. In this campaign, the attacker utilizes a call back request…
statue ole object

Incident Report: Composite Moniker.

CVE-2017-8570. We recently intercepted a RTF document that leverages CVE-2017-8570, a.k.a the “Composite Moniker” vulnerability. The document contains an ole object that loads the “composite moniker”…
walking people malicious activity

Incident Report: CV or Cyber Vector.

Would You Hire a Hacker? Would you? One of clients HR department received an email containing a Resume. The email stated that the attached word…
circle stairs infection process

Incident Report: Trust Fibonacci.

The Fibonacci Backdoor. Perception point detected an attack sent to users via email. The backdoor grants the attacker control to remotely execute commands on the…
paper stack phishing mail

Incident Report: Fax Attack.

Explanation. An analysis of an attempt attack identified by Perception Point’s platform. Recently we detected an attempt to leverage a known service, EFax, which is…
polar bear security vulnerability

Incident Report: AP28 – Fancy Bear.

What is Fancy Bear? APT28, a highly advanced attack also known as Fancy Bear, is associated with the Russian military intelligence agency GRU. Recently, The…

Incident Report: Malicious Macro.

Perception Point’s platform recently caught an advanced threat directed at one of our customers within a Microsoft Word file. Our Incident Analysis report below provides…


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