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How to Stop Content-Borne Security Threats from Infiltrating your Amazon S3 Buckets

88% of organizations acknowledge that their S3 buckets are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Hear from Amazon Web Services (AWS) expert Aharon Twizer and Perception Point co-founder Michael Aminov about new security risks and why protecting your business and customers from malicious content and malware on your AWS S3 Buckets with legacy antivirus (AV) scanning is not enough.
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Security Risks in Amazon S3 Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we discuss Amazon S3 service security risks and provide data-driven, actionable advice for ensuring that malicious artifacts will never infiltrate your S3 Buckets.
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AWS S3 Usage & Cybersecurity Landscape eBook

A comprehensive analysis of insights, gathered from IT and cybersecurity professionals in different sectors & industries, provides visibility into current S3 bucket usage and security vulnerabilities.
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Advanced Threat Protection for Amazon S3 Bucket

A one-pager describing Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection solution, which stops malicious content (files and URLs) from infiltrating your S3 bucket.
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Perception Point X-Ray

Solving the containment & remediation problem of incidents across the organization together with CrowdStrike Falcon
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Advanced Email Security

A short, to the point one-pager about Advanced Email Security
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Perception Point Fusion

A short, to the point one-pager about Perception Point Fusion
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BEC Whitepaper

Overview of BEC Techniques and how to prevent them.


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