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Security Risks in Amazon S3 Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we discuss Amazon S3 service security risks and provide data-driven, actionable advice for ensuring that malicious artifacts will never infiltrate your S3 Buckets.
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AWS S3 Usage & Cybersecurity Landscape eBook

A comprehensive analysis of insights, gathered from IT and cybersecurity professionals in different sectors & industries, provides visibility into current S3 bucket usage and security vulnerabilities.
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Advanced Threat Protection for Amazon S3 Bucket

A one-pager describing Perception Point’s Advanced Threat Protection solution, which stops malicious content (files and URLs) from infiltrating your S3 bucket.
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Perception Point X-Ray

Solving the containment & remediation problem of incidents across the organization together with CrowdStrike Falcon
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Advanced Email Security

A short, to the point one-pager about Advanced Email Security
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Perception Point Fusion

A short, to the point one-pager about Perception Point Fusion
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BEC Whitepaper

Overview of BEC Techniques and how to prevent them.


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