Zeroed In

Perception Point helps your team zero in on the essentials to build “prevention-first,” and agile security for your organization.


Build a Zeroed-In Mindset

Building a sound security strategy requires many components. From white papers and case studies, to research and community support, Perception Point provides the knowledge and tools you need to get your team “zeroed in” and prepared for the constantly evolving threat environment.

Securing Salesforce

Perception Point provides Advanced Threat Protection to a client seeking secure data and safe file-sharing on their Salesforce Community portal.
advanced security for microsoft 365

Advanced Threat Protection for Salesforce

Solution Brief: Advanced Threat Protection for Salesforce Organizations rely on Salesforce to manage their relationships with external users such as customers and partners. These users…

Augmenting Microsoft Defender

Perception Point leveraged agile deployment alongside existing Microsoft Defender to prevent advanced email security attacks from reaching users' inboxes for a leading multinational oil & gas enterprise.

Webinar: Spread Love…Not Ransomware!

Webinar: Spread Love…Not Ransomware! Watch the webinar on-demand. There are a staggering estimated 4 thousand ransomware attacks every day, and they are happening across all…

How to Stop Content-Borne Security Threats from Infiltrating your Amazon S3 Buckets

88% of organizations acknowledge that their S3 buckets are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Hear from Amazon Web Services (AWS) expert Aharon Twizer and Perception Point co-founder Michael Aminov about new security risks and why protecting your business and customers from malicious content and malware on your AWS S3 Buckets with legacy antivirus (AV) scanning is not enough.