Harnessing AWS for 360-degree Collaboration Security

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In a world where business is moving fast, and cyberattacks are evolving even faster, it’s time for next-gen security. It’s time for real prevention security. By leveraging AWS, Perception Point has developed the fastest platform for the interception of any content-based attack across all collaboration channels – including email, cloud storage, CRM apps, and messaging platforms.

With AWS, Perception Point has the ability to dynamically scan 100% of all files & URLs entering an organization. Using 7-layers of unique detection engines, we scan, identify and stop cyber-attacks leveraging content within 30 seconds – up to 20x faster than any other solution.

Perception Point’s service, available on AWS Marketplace, is fully hosted on AWS, resulting in one-click deployment, virtually zero scanning delay, and limitless scale – so your employees can collaborate securely and seamlessly, wherever they may be.

Perception Point and AWS join forces to deliver
next-gen cybersecurity

The ultimate combination of industry-recognized technology and best cloud infrastructure results in top-of-the-class cybersecurity solutions for any enterprise.


Cloud-native technology, based solely and completely on AWS enables scanning of 100% of traffic, regardless to scale or volume 


Cloud components support the revolutionary dynamic HAP engine developed by Perception Point to intercept any advanced threat


AWS provides maximal uptime to any service, ensuring email and collaboration content flows without interference. Multi-Zone Availability and auto-scale features enabled

AWS protection

Unique protection of S3 buckets from any file or link saved from any type of content-based attack

Incident Response

A combination of automated algorithms and human-driven analysis to provide insights and added value to the ongoing protection of the organization

Advanced Email & Collaboration Security –
How It Works

Perception Point can scan any content across all channels – whether a simple email, Google Drive file, Teams message or Salesforce link – our solution will provide you with a clear verdict.

Once the component is being scanned, it’s being uploaded to S3 and managed by the AWS Lambda. Then, it’s being sent to the fully AWS-hosted Perception Point platform for deep inspection using the anti-evasion mechanism that uncovers all content for complete scanning. Once unpacked, the content is scanned by all other layers of protection and is tagged with a verdict.

The final verdict is shared with the SOC teams via Perception Point’s dashboard (the X-Ray), email, Slack or simply to the existing SIEM. The incident is contained and the enterprise is secured. As simple as that.

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